Friday, July 22, 2005

What category is your business in? Does anyone even know what that is?

I had a meeting with a client this morning that was really interesting. He's a dentist that focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry. Now, you may not have known this, but ANYONE can call themselves a Cosmetic Dentist. There's no school, no degree, no accreditation of any kind to become a Cosmetic Dentist. So, instead of marketing him in an undefinable category...we created a brand new category! We're starting a campaign for him as the "Wow Smile Specialist!" Think of it this way: he's the first person to say that here in town, therefore, he'll brand himself as the expert when you want a "Wow Smile" of your own. And the brilliance of it is that EVERYONE has their own "Wow Smile"...perhaps James needs to fix a gap tooth, or Jessica wants to even her not saying something specific, we're allowing the listener to imagine their own "Wow Smile" and see themselves in the commercial.

I'm really excited about this project and we're going to work wonders for this dentist... Let us work wonders for you too!



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