Thursday, April 20, 2006

Craigslist. Good for business!

I'm sure that even Craig is impressed with the size & attitude of For sure, what was a small idea at first, has grown to a national powerhouse of awkward, quirky, fun, sexy & adventurous. It is, perhaps, the best kept secret that's not much of a secret anymore.

When I was growing up in Detroit, there was a small weekly newspaper called the Metro Times. It had the same feel as Craigslist: it featured plenty of lifestyle articles, but the best read were the ads in the back. Strange little boutique companies. Artists. Fashions that you'd never wear in front of your mother. The first time I ever saw an ad for Women Seeking Women (I was 14...that was HAWT!)

But, it's the creative minds behind all that that kept us reading every week. It challenged us to challenge ourselves & the way we thought. Today, Craigslist does that too...and so should your advertising. Honestly...if you're saying the same thing as your competitors are, what makes you any different than them? "Competitive Prices" means your prices are "about the same as everyone else." Surely, the consumer could care less that you're "Locally owned & operated" (that's for another blog another time).

No...what you need is something out of the ordinary. Something perhaps even beyond your comfort zone...something that is as unique as the people & services you find at Cragislist.

BTW, I happen to know a company who can help you with that...


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