Thursday, March 09, 2006

Branding, Not Bling!

Dateline: Race City, USA

Riots, charred neighborhoods & visits by Jesse Jackson. That's what most of the country knows about Benton Harbor, MI. Throughout the state, it also became known for great creative radio campaigns. Success grows more success and Midwest Family Broadcasting's Creative Director John Hammer is now headed to Charlotte, NC. The doors are open to, where the emphasis is on Branding, not Bling.

Hammer says, "Our philosophy is simple: Make sure your advertisers "Say Something Important."

The difference here is that is an ally to SALES TEAMS who have been traditionally frustrated by the glass ceiling between them and programming. DeeJays who see production as a bothersome thing to do between answering the request lines won't cut it anymore. Today, we need to provide substance that gets results or our advertisers will become the folks who say "I tried radio once, it didn't work."

Clear Channel, Cumulus, CBS Radio, Midwest Family and others can't be wrong! (Okay, they can be...but not this time!). Click and your advertisers will Say Something Important.

Contact information:
John Hammer
Creative Director
Yahoo Messenger: BigMouthAudio

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."Roald Dahl


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