Wednesday, September 07, 2005

BigMouthRacing's Season Finale

The Spec Miata took to the track for one final weekend of wheel to wheel racing over the Labor Day holiday.

Practice on Friday night showed the car was quick, then the team competed in 2 race groups meaning LOTS of track time on Saturday. Team driver John Hammer tells us about it: "It was a blast out there. Actually, my first race was a really good one with plenty of action around me. It was my best qualifying ever: 9th overall (out of 28 cars!). I finished 8th, but dropped back from 7th after I got caught when an errant orange cone had been kicked up onto the track at Turn 7. I had to swerve to avoid it & the #189 SM got by me at that point. Check this out though: after that battle...the owner of the #189 car came to me & complimented me on my driving, then offered me a co-drive in next year's 10 Hour race in his car!"

Later that afternoon, the team took the green flag again.

"The second race was pretty scary: my tires burned down to cords and got VERY slippery. Believe the guys on TV when they say how important your tires are...the car pushed like a pig that 2nd race. I did make some early passes, but slowed down once the tires went away...I was still able to keep my position though: started 12th, finished 12th out of 26."

The car will now see limited practice time as the Summer ends & Michigan weather cools quickly. Up next: the British Car Show & Go where the team will help novice track day enthusiasts explore a real racetrack! See for all the details.


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