Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Superbowl Creative...

Okay, I'm at odds with the "Creative" industry. As I was watching the Superbowl commercials, I was less than impressed. It's not that they were particularly bad, they just weren't particularly memorable. On Monday morning, the local radio stations were all talking about the commercials (as they do every Monday after a Superbowl...but that's another story for another time!). The hosts & the callers all agreed with my perception as well...they were...well...eh, okaaaay.

Then I got to the office.

I subscribe to several "Creative" newsletters, many of them put out by big name creative agencies and industry leaders. They were all patting each other on the back, pounding on their chests saying "Yessssss, look a us, we are Creative (with a capital C!)"

Ummmm...hey guys. Listen to your radio this morning. When the audience chimes in and says they're unimpressed, they're pretty much unimpressed. And at the end of the day...isn't that what our job is?!

It may thrill us at the agency level, but if "Joe Average" isn't thrilled, we've crashed & burned.

Remember who our customer truly is...the actual client? No, it's the customer who'll shop that client. Impress them, motivate them...THEN, you've had a Super Sunday!


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