Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grits, Sweet Tea, NASCAR and one helluva Creative Guy!

Well, the word is public now so I can talk about it here: Julie & I are moving to Charlotte, North Carolina! It's a fantastic opportunity for our family and I'm extremely excited to be located so close to great agencies and radio companies in the area. In the meantime, I'm asking your help to find a "new me" for my friends at Midwest Family Broadcasting. Below is a note that our President/GM Gayle Olson has sent to some of his friends & I believe it accurately represents the position. Take a look and see what you think. If it's right for you or perhaps for someone you know, get in touch with me and I'll fill you in on all the details.

Radio industry associates:

We are losing our outstanding Creative Director John Hammer (Palazzolo). For 2&1/2 years, John has been creating award winning, results getting campaigns for our advertisers and now he is moving on.

As a result, we are looking for the best, young, bright writer and producer out there!

This is not a standard "production director" position. It is a job that helps generate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Branding campaigns each year. The person works hand in hand with our Sales reps throughout the process of uncovering what makes each client special and unique, then translating that into a results-getting message. Creativity, writing, production wizardry and presentation skills are all important ingredients for this position and will be rewarded accordingly. A knowledge and belief in the Branding process, as taught by Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads would be a huge plus. Our CSD enjoys a dedicated production studio for his/her sole use. There are no air shifts or production busy-work responsibilities. The job is to create great ads!

If you know someone who might fill this bill; someone who is not afraid to work in an un-rated market with a great quality of life 90 minutes from Chicago; someone who could grow in the Mid-West Family Broadcasting environment... please have them contact us. Female and minority candidates are encouraged.

Thanks for any help you may provide in filling this excellent opportunity!


As for me...well, I'm going to expand BigMouthAudio. There are too many great businesses who simply haven't found anyone to take the time with them to create PROPER, EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING. The great thing about this, is that I can serve my current clients from my new digs with no drop in service.
Stay with me and we'll continue to do great radio!



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