Friday, May 19, 2006

What's your strategy?

Later this afternoon is the Ribbon Cutting ceremony for a new...

Insurance Agency.

Why would I even bother talking about the opening of a new insurance office? Because they've caught my eye & cut through the clutter of ad messages that assault me everyday.

First off, what do you think of these days when I say "insurance?" These days it's Aflac & Geico. They've spent millions of dollars to get their characters into your head...but do you really know what they're all about? I'll give Geico a bit of credit, they USUALLY say "Give us 15 minutes & we'll save you up to 15% on your car insurance" in their ads...but not always (I don't get that!) Nor do they always use the Gecko. Then there's the spot with the cavemen. Funny spot, but no connection with the rest of their campaign. The Aflac duck is even worse because while we may know their name, we don't know what they actually DO.

Back to my local insurance company who's opening an office this afternoon (3pm in Mooresville, NC if you'd like to stop by for a piece of cake). Vonda & Derwin (yep, I'm down south now!) run this office...ready for their slogan?!

"No Ducks. No Lizards. Just great insurance."

I like it. I understand it. It got past my brain's gatekeeper & I paid attention to it. It's a great twist on what we sometimes call the "un-strategy" where you say what you're NOT to describe what you ARE. You know what...I need new car insurance. Perhaps I'll give them a call.

Does your advertising do that for your potential customers? Want it to? That's what we do at BigMouthAudio.


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