Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It Grew 256%!

The economy tanked. Customers are spending less. Profit margins are down. I did my own taxes this year & my statements are substantially off from previous years. So, as small business owners, what do we do?

(ready for this?)


I know, you're thinking "Hammer is out of his mind, I have to pay the rent, my employees, the light bill...there's NO WAY I have anything left over to advertise with."

But this is the BEST TIME to advertise. Look at it this way: your competitors are having the same tough times, and they're the ones not letting customers know about them. When the woods are silent, your yell goes further!

There was a study that followed more than 600 businesses in the early 80's recession. They found out that the companies who kept, or even raised, their level of advertising had noticeably higher post-recession sales.

256% higher than the folks who cut their ad budgets!

I know you have to be tight with your money right now, but take advantage of the market: when your competition is quiet, SHOUT YOUR STORY LOUDLY! Need a hand getting it done? That's why I'm here to help you Say Something Important.


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