Monday, June 01, 2009

Victory At Barber... Sort of...

Leeds, Alabama is a 7+ hour tow, but the facility at Barber Motorsports Park is worth every speed trap along the way.

John Hammer is the team's truck driver, mechanic, crew chief, mobile chef...and he happens to drive the racecar too. "It was a fantastic weekend for the / Safety Solutions Mazda Miata" said Hammer. "I turned my personal best laps this weekend...not by a little, but by nearly 1.2 racing, that's a lifetime!"

In addition to the action on track, the Lotus Owners Group was hosting their 29th annual national meet at the track, featuring every imaginable iteration of street & racecars dreamt up by the legendary Colin Chapman. "Geoff Moller, my teammate from the 24 Hours Of LeMons race, was there helping a friend show two of his Lotuses. Is that plural? Lotum?"

Both Saturday & Sunday races were nose to tail affairs; the video is pretty impressive. "I'll get some segments posted soon, I promise!" says Hammer. "And, I ALMOST got to try out my Hutchens Hybrid head & neck restraint by Safety Solutions. There was a 2 car wreck RIGHT IN FRONT of me during qualifying Sunday. Luckily, no one was injured. The retaining wall didn't fare so well."

The team now has to do some maintenance in preparation for the next event: Fourth of July weekend at Lowes Motor Speedway!


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