Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surprising Broca...and a few of his Daddy parts!

Broca discovered the part of the brain that filters out unnecessary crud, allowing only the "important" things in. I thought about Dr Broca last week...

I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas (honestly, I was there for work!). No doubt you know that Sin City is overkill when it comes to influential messages; everywhere you walk there are billboards, signs, people wearing sandwich boards and even ads on Taxicabs. If you're an advertiser there, you have to do something very special to catch your audience's attention...

And I saw someone who did just that.

I will warn you now, it is in the adult industry. No, I will not post photos of the establishment, nor did I stop in to check on the accuracy of said advertising (honestly, I was there for work!), but I have to give them credit.

While every club we passed along the strip offered us the most beautiful girls in the world with photos of what were obviously models, this particular club actually put one of their girls (in a bikini) ON A SWINGSET outside the club to wave at all of us passing by. BRILLIANT!

It surprised my brain. It stood out from the rest. They weren't making unsubstantiated claims with generic models, they showed me the ACTUAL goods.

And while you may not agree with their business, their business marketing works. Without saying a word, that girl on a swing helps her company SaySomethingImportant!


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