Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Year In Review

Thinking about the year's success creates an upturn at the corners of my lips. Growth has been steady for sure: I look back to the Dentist I mentioned a few months ago: a home run for sure. There's the Financial Planners who called our process "the most professional" experience he's ever had.

But not all is perfect: there is the frustration of the Optometrist who said "Yes, Yes, Yes" to all that we showed him. We spent countless hours creating and producing a campaign based on his "Yes", just to have him shoot it all down at the end. At last check, he was yelling at you like a used car dealer claiming to have the "best quality at the lowest prices with the greatest customer service." His sales are flat.

2005 was the year we learned patience, perseverance and confidence in ourselves with first hand examples. And we're poised to make 2006 even better as we continue to help great companies make great advertising for themselves.

Best wishes for the new year and good luck to you!


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