Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day proof that Branding works!

Let's just say you're branding your business. You've consistently been on the air telling me about who you are, what you do and what's in it for me. You were talking with me 6 months ago. You were talking with me last week. You talked with me on Memorial Day weekend. You'll talk with me on Thursday, as well.

You're consistent, frequent & you're Saying Something Important to me. I like that, you're treating me with respect & one of these days, I'll shop you because you've earned my trust.

Or you could be the store having a "Memorial Week Sale", ramming it down my throat. Wait...say that again..."Memorial WEEK?" Yes, it's being done right now. Can't you just see it...they're in a conference room & the boss says "We need to increase sales" and the marketing guy says "Well, Memorial Day is just one day" and someone else chimes in "But we need to have a longer sale"...ta daaaaaaaa...."Memorial Week" was born.

I'm sure our country's veterans and families of those who've paid the ultimate price for our freedom appreciate that.

Here's my advice to you: assess your "marketing efforts" honestly. If they peg your customers Bull$#!t Meter, don't use them. This isn't hard gang...so why do so many folks get it wrong?

Stick with BigMouthAudio...you'll be okay ;)


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