Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom & Pop & A Really Full Tummy!

Regular readers of this blog know how much I love the little guy. Mom & Pop businesses founded on passion, fueled by family & love.

This week, I'm outside Newark, NJ and I found a small Italian restaurant for dinner last night. Dusal's looked the part: in a strip mall, has a deli window full of pizza slices and a dozen or so tables in the back where you can order from a full menu. I got the baked dish: stuffed shells & stuffed eggplant, a salad & personal loaf of bread. Including a drink, it was $9. Nine lousy bucks! And, I know that my $9 is going to pay their rent. Their mortgage. Help put their kids through school.

You get the point.

Guess what I did tonight? I took a couple friends there for dinner, too.

So, what can your business learn from my experience?

Ultimately, the lesson here is that Dusal's made me feel good: because my tummy was full of excellent quality food, but also because I perceived value. I gave them what I considered a very reasonable price in payment for a delicious meal. It was so impressive, that I immediately recommended it to my friends. When you provide a great product at a killer'll get me every time!


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