Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making a Splash!

Quick history; when I was at Central Michigan University, I was the night guy on the Top 40 station in our college town. In a world where most radio shows have single digit "shares" of the audience, I had 40+.

Then, I moved to Lansing, MI...the state capital. Took a couple years, but we went to #1 there too. Seemed like a lot of folks knew John Hammer!

But, when I landed on air in Detroit... John Who? Had I become worse at what I did? Of course not, but I was in a city where millions of people lived & those folks had countless choices when it came to entertainment. I was just one more choice.

I learned quickly that being the Big Fish in a Little Pond wasn't all that bad!

How about you?

Many businesses try to be all things to all people; restaurants have HUGE menus, dentists do kids, braces, whitening, cosmetics & general dentistry, advertisers fill their white space with countless "benefits." You get the point. They water down their brand by losing focus. I'd rather be THE guy to go to for ONE thing (and have my customers passionate about me!), than be just another fella doing the same thing as a bunch of other fellas.

Catch my drift?

Stay narrowed in on one thing, do it passionately, then make sure you tell people your story. Do that well, & instead of a quick splash in the ocean, you'll enjoy a long swim in the lake! You've got to do the first part on your own, but I can lend a hand with the latter...when we Say Something Important!


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