Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hey, this thing works!

Gary has been my friend for close to 15 years, we went to college together & our first fulltime jobs in radio were at the same station in the middle of nowhere Michigan. Since then, we've both become successful Creative Directors with countless success stories behind us.

He called me the other day to talk about the sales team at the stations he works for. They're attempting to sell annual contracts now, not just short flights, but they're struggling. My training is based in the Roy Williams / Wizard Of Ads philosophies of only buying annuals (actually, the philosophy is to never NOT's part of doing business, always). Turns out, they have a couple of Roy's training videos, but not the entire system. "Well there's the problem" I a team, they don't even KNOW the system, let alone being able to show a client how that system works.

I'm encouraged that they're seeing the benefits of long term truly works to build a company's "brand" in the marketplace. However, the system only works when the system is followed.

Have a strategy with a definable focus, stick to that strategy and you'll succeed.

Oh, and SAY something in your advertising that means something to the listener (You knew I had to talk about the message, right?! That's the most important part!)


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