Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why You?

A simple question, with a very complex answer. It's incredible how many business owners look blankly back at you when you ask "Why should I shop you instead of your competitor?" Remember, your customers, or more accurately, your POTENTIAL customers, are only interested in what you can DO FOR THEM. If they can get essentially the same thing, for basically the same price somewhere else, then WHY YOU Mr Business Owner?

I'm currently working with several dentists and they're quickly making their market difficult for other dentists. One is positioning himself as the Family Dentist. Another is the Smile Specialist (focusing on cosmetic dentistry) and the third has actually copywritten the term "Nap Dentistry", he actually puts you in a sleepy state to do the work in your mouth: no more fear of the dentist when you sleep through it! But what's left in the mind of a dental consumer? There are dozens of dentists in the market, and just three of them now own real estate in customers' minds.

Bravo for them!

I'd hate to be one of the others when a potential customer comes to them and asks "Why you?"

Find a niche you can dominate...then DOMINATE it in the public's mind. You'll win. If you don't, someone else will.


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