Sunday, November 05, 2006

Flyin' the unimpressive skies...

This past week, I traveled to Texas on business; I flew out on Wednesday & returned Saturday. One of the associates I was traveling with pointed out that he couldn't remember which airline we were on...neither could I until I checked out the boarding pass.

U.S. Air. Huh...

You know, outside of the name printed on my paperwork, they're all the same, these airlines. What is it that separates one from the other? From my point of view, nothing other than price. I'm not normally a price shopper & I'm quite often a good candidate for an upsell if you're showing me value, but when it comes to travel, I have no brand loyalty, no favorite when flying.

Am I that unaware that there ARE differences between flights? I would argue that the airlines aren't TELLING ME what makes them different.

In essence; none of these companies are saying something important to me.

What are you saying to YOUR customers?


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