Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tighten your perception...with Zip Ties!

My blog today has to deal with taking pride in who you are & what you do...And Zip Ties.

I followed Julie to her office the other night after dinner, we were unloading her gear from the truck. Not that there's a lot of gear, but she is pregnant afterall and I sure could use the exercise lifting things...

Once done, she had to use the restroom. She describes AJ (the baby) as "Using my bladder as a trampoline." I'll take her word for it. While waiting at the front desk, I see an easel with a "press release" announcing the arrival of the practice's newest Doctor. On the last line...a type-o. I pointed it out to Julie...turns out, this was a print out of a page that went out to dozens of local offices.

(No, not THAT "Type O")

Nice. Anybody hear of proofreading?

So we head out to the parking lot & a banner catches my eye. It's for their office, offering Flu shots and it's draped across 3 small poles stuck in the lawn. Except it's only attached to two of the poles. And those two poles weren't stretched tightly so the whole thing sagged like a braless meemaw. Again, doesn't anybody step back and see that it looks jeehawed? This is representing a business that wants us to spend money with them.

So, I went to my trunk & got out some Zip Ties. Wrapped the banner up to ALL THREE of the posts, then pulled the posts taught so the banner looked as good as it could look.I know this sounds like a petty rant, but seriously folks...if it's something worth doing, it's worth doing correctly.

Remember that people SEE these things as a reflection of you & decide whether to use you or not based on these impressions. Think of the type-os and the sagging banners in your business, heck, in your, go fix them.


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