Monday, September 18, 2006

Vulcanizing your Brand...

I've mentioned before what a "car guy" I am. When I'm not helping small businesses market their companies, I race sportscars and instruct at performance driving schools.

This past week, I combined marketing and speed at the Dunlop Drivers Cup at Virginia International Raceway; a competition of "regular" guys & gals to compete in motorsports... And it was a helluva brand builder for Dunlop Tires.

See, the consumers who were part of the event had a great time, for sure. We had them compete against each other in six different disciplines, most of them they'd never done before. They had a hoot, and more importantly, they're back home today telling all of their friends & family about Dunlop & how impressed they are with the company.

Think of it this way: there are now three dozen new Dunlop Ambassadors running around the country telling anyone who'll listen how they drove a 350Z on the racetrack at 120 miles per hour. Or that their standard issue SUV was able to traverse a muddy gorge by simply putting on a set of Dunlop tires. We had a 79 year old woman on a motocross bike, shod with Dunlops...and she did it.

In the evenings, plenty of food & drink & conversation. I would say there are a lot of new friendships from that event...friendships that came together because of a brand of tires. This was a brilliant example of event marketing.

Now, I ask you: what does YOUR company do to improve people's impression?

While we all had a lot of fun playing with cars, in the end, the memories we have are because Dunlop Tires knew they had to...

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