Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kung Pao Marketing

Today my wife & I got to have lunch together. In our world, like yours I'm sure, that's a luxury that doesn't happen often. We went to a neighborhood Chinese place...ironically filled with Hispanics & Indians (we have much construction & a medical center in our town). Plus, their lead waitress isn't Chinese at all, rather, she's a very tall, young, redheaded white girl who would seem more at home saying "Kappa Gamma Delta" rather than "General Tso's Chicken."

But I digress...

Lunch was very good and as is tradition, we were each given a Fortune Cookie. Confuscious say "Hammer needs new blog material, feed him some." So, it was fitting that my Fortune said: "Words must be weighed, not counted."

I like that. You should too.

I once had a boss in Lansing, Michigan...I was the morning guy on his Top 40 radio station...& he'd call the studio hotline if (in his opinion), I talked too long. In fact, he once "hotlined" me DURING an interview with the Mayor of the city. Nevermind that we were entertaining or even offering up a public service. He was Counting, not Weighing.

Certainly, it's important HOW you say it, but more importantly it's WHAT you are saying.

What do you say about YOUR company? What do your customers remember about it? That's why it's so critical to Say Something Important.


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