Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What do they know about you?

What do they know about you? The folks on the street. The gal in the car next to you. Your customers?

Is there a common theme in their minds when your company name comes up?

WHAT do you WANT them to think?

When you think of BigMouthAudio, I want you to remember the phrase "Say Something Important." It's what I help you do. When you do it, folks will remember YOUR company.

We are building our brands, but they must be built on something strong. A foundation of truth & believability. You can't build a "successful" brand by lying to us...although the majority of car dealers haven't gotten that message yet.

What do they know about you? If it's not what you want them to know, then perhaps you & I should talk.

Then we'll make sure you Say Something Important!


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