Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Introducing SaySomethingImportant.com!

John Hammer has found a way to harness his obvious knack for talking.

Hammer has been a broadcast personality for more than 20 years and the owner of BigMouthAudio.com, an audio production studio. Now, Hammer is proud to announce the creation of SaySomethingImportant.com, offering strategic marketing ideas for great small businesses.

"I didn't plan it this way" says Hammer. "My original idea was to grow BigMouthAudio.com, writing and producing radio advertising campaigns & building on my clients from across the country. However, here in Charlotte, more and more people were asking me for marketing advice, that's where SSI came from."

"I meet good people who run really great businesses...who suck at marketing!"

SaySomethingImportant.com's philosophy is based in strategy; a large majority of local business owners don't have an advertising strategy and Hammer can show you how to decide on one, then help you determine where to focus it. Hammer points out "For all the witty ad campaigns out there...the Superbowl ads, if you will...unless the man on the street remembers your name & understands what you do, you've wasted your money. You need to have focus, strategy and to really dig into people's brains, you MUST Say Something Important."

Talk with Hammer about marketing your business:

John Hammer
YahooMessenger: SaySomethingImportant
269.806.8842 (John's cell, right on his hip!)


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