Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Politico And Go!

With the political season in full swing, it's fun to watch the amount of marketing that goes into the campaigns. Actually, the whole process is marketing. Let's be honest for a moment; what is an election? Answer: a big honkin' popularity contest! What do we REALLY know about Barack Obama? Or Hillary. Or John McCain. Or, God bless him, Ron Paul (who's great comedy, if nothing else!).

We know what their people have TOLD us about them, not necessarily what they really are. THAT, my friends, is great marketing.

For the first twenty some-odd years of his life, Obama called himself "Barry." Marketing tells him Barack has more impact.

Hillary, well, she's flipped on issues like a porpoise at Sea World. Because she's cow-towing to polls.

McCain? Dare I say, his strategy of just "being him" may be the most truthful.

My point here isn't Democrat or Republican, rather, it's about telling your potential customers who you are & what you're about. Our businesses are also popularity contests. WHY should a Starbucks customer go to the Human Bean? It's about how you FEEL about that company. Say the right things & your business will grow.

Here's the kicker though: if you don't back up the good PR with REAL results, you'll have a short spike in popularity (sales) then crash n' burn like so many political campaigns of the past.

Vote & vote often. Just make sure your customers are voting for you for the right reasons!



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