Friday, January 11, 2008

"They" Prove My Point For Me! (and my eyes are rolling!)

Yesterday, I talked about credibility in your advertising. Face it, we're not swayed by the same advertising claims that our parents & grandparents, as marketers, its our job to find new ways to influence customers.

You won't pull it off by bull$#!tting us.

On the radio this morning is another screaming car dealership ad (I know, I'm risking never having another car dealer as a client)... "And EVERYONE'S credit is APPRECIATED. Bad credit, APPRECIATED. No credit, APPRECIATED. EVERYONE's credit is APPRECIATED at XXX Dealership."


This is why no one believes "advertising" anymore. They "appreciate" my credit? Jackasses.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox...let's talk about something that really WILL help your business (other than an example of how not to advertise your business).

Yesterday I mentioned I'll give you a strategy to get more out of your ad budget.

Tell you what I'll do...I'll post another blog for that because its such a departure from this morning's rant. ;)


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