Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sniff, Sniff...it's Viral Marketing!

This video is insane! It's exciting, nonstop & gets you fired up in a VERY big way. It's awesome!


Watch the video, then, we'll discuss it...

As great a piece of driving as it is (and great editing, too...look at all the rubber down on the track where they'd made other attempts!)...more importantly, this is a killer example of viral marketing.

It goes like this...

This video is ALL OVER the motorsports chatrooms & message boards these days. Hundreds of thousands have seen it. We've all said "Wow, Ken Block...he's my guy!" AND...


We've seen the big Subaru logos and Monster energy drink logos all over it.

Think about it this way; it's a grassroots marketing campaign with BIG bucks behind it. We all "think" we're just watching a kickass video. In reality, we've been hit in our brains with Marketing. With brand building.

With a really cool... Commercial.

And, I think it's brilliant!


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