Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Tried It Once & It Didn't Work...

This weekend I ran into a friend who told me about the grand opening of his business.

He has a company that caters to higher end demographics, certainly his clientele have money. He told me he'd done some radio advertising & specifically mentioned the air times of his commercials... I asked how long the campaign ran. "That one day" he tells me..."And I didn't get ONE response from it."

We need to find his radio sales rep, hunt him down & make sure he never steals another business owner's money again.

OF COURSE that didn't work. There are right ways & wrong ways to do any advertising...for radio, that was REALLY WRONG! The business owner didn't know that, the sales rep should have.

ALL advertising works IF you do it the correct way. This wasn't a failure of radio advertising, it was a failure of a salesperson to do the right thing. I wouldn't have taken that business owner's money until he could afford to do radio the right way, a way that would get him RESULTS.

This is why so many business owners have that bad taste in their mouth for advertising.

So WHICH way should you go?

If you have ever said the phrase "I tried it once & it didn't work," then we need to talk. A great marketing campaign CAN grow your business, but it needs to be done correctly. I can point you in the right direction and make sure that you Say Something Important.


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