Saturday, July 28, 2007

What did you say? Nope, you don't get my money!

Today I'd like to AXE you a question.

Name this car:

That's right, it's a Ford Escape. So, why is it that on a TV commercial for a local Ford dealership, the announcer pronounces it "EXscape"??? Not just once, but at least twice (I'll pay more attention next time it's on).

Is the dealer a bad businessman? I don't know. How about the producer of the spot? Or the salesperson who sold it to the dealership. Every one of these folks is guilty of letting this get on the air. And now, I (the jaded consumer) see this commercial.

And I'm insulted by their lack of basic grammar.

And I ASSUME that if they don't care enough about that, then I wouldn't buy from them.

I PROMISE you, I'm not the only person with thoughts like this. Simple mistakes like that reflect on your business and people's perception of you.

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