Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's a Five Step Program...

Mrs. Hammer & I were shopping for daycare recently. It's hard to believe, but our boy is two months old & she has to head back to work in the very near future. We did our due dilligence; collected the names & addresses of centers in the area. We even considered a nanny service to come watch him at our home (but I need more of you to become clients before we can afford that!).

What we DID do was go through the Five Steps before we made a decision.

Any customer of yours must go through these 5 steps before they ever spend a dime with you, too. What are these magical steps? I'll list them in just a moment. What's important to remember is that it's YOUR JOB to help customers get through those 5 steps so they eventually spend their hard earned dollars with you.

Ready for the magic?!

1. Unaware.
This is where they have no clue that you even exist.

2. Aware.
They now know that you are in business, although, they may not know WHAT you do.

3. Comprehension.
This is when they understand what it is that you do.

4. Conviction.
Ahhhh, now they know you...and more importantly, they BELIEVE in you as the market leader.

5. Purchase.
They like you enough to open their wallets.

Every customer of yours; new, old and future, falls somewhere on this list. Where are they? How can you help move them along?

I can help you get there.

Does this work? Hell yes! I'm going to be dropping more money on daycare for my boy than I earned in my first fulltime job in radio not so many years ago. I'd BETTER belive in these folks!


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