Friday, January 12, 2007

The Cola Wars on the middle class America Home Front!

Talk about Brand Dominance. My wife & I went to dinner this evening with her parents. Long story, lots of comedy, I'll tell you someday over drinks.

But this particular story is quick & simple...

Julie ordered a Diet cola. It came to the table in a big plastic cup with the logo on the side: "Diet Pepsi" it says. When the waitress returned later to ask if she'd like a refill, Julie says "Yes; it's a Diet Coke" even though it says, in BIG LETTERS ON THE CUP, "Diet Pepsi."

Now, wouldn't it be amazing for YOUR company to have that kind of mental recall AS someone is using your competition? You CAN have that...but it takes work. It takes time. And it takes Saying Something Important. I can show you how.


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