Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ATTENTION: New Phone Number Coming!

John Hammer: Techno Geek Dweeb...

After several years with my Blackberry, I've begun the process of changing over to the new Motorola "Q" smartphone.

I know, I know: "Big freaking whoop Hammer, why are you telling us?" Well, it's not just because I'll have all the features of my Blackberry (email, internet, IM, phone), but it also adds in a camera, real Text Messaging and a monthly rate that may be as much as 50% less than I was paying with NEXTEL (the BIGGEST motivator!)

Ahhh, yes, there's the point for you: I'm switching from NEXTEL to Sprint...and while they're the same corporate family, it appears I won't be able to keep my cell number. So, expect another mass email from me within the next week to share my new phone number with you. If you somehow don't hear from me, send me an email asking for it!

Oh, one more reason to get the "Q"... It's just so damn cool!


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