Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Success Breeds Silliness...

The names are changed to protect the guilty...

I know of a business owner who has used a particular marketing strategy to increase his business. He's done very well for himself, growing his bottom line by 100%! Now, he wants to expand even more and that includes his marketing. However, instead of sticking with the formula that's rocked for him, he's starting to waver a bit.

It's sooooo tempting. You get a "feeling" that one thing may have worked better than another. You "sense" that one way may be a touch better than another.

This is where I warn you to not do that. Stick with the plan, the whole plan. Sometimes you don't know exactly which part is the one working the best for you...that's not so bad. Build that program steadily and simply trust that you're doing the right thing. I'm not talking about guesswork, rather, simply following the program. Think of a farmer; he plants his seeds. Waters them. Nourishes the ground. Watches the weather. All of those things combined create the plant that later yields him a crop. It's the same with your marketing plan.

We're working on this client, hoping to keep him pointed in the right direction. I'm confident that he'll see why we're suggesting what we're suggesting and come around. To be frank, if he doesn't, I'm not so sure I want to stay on that ship as it begins to sway in the ocean.


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