Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swallowing A Unique PIL

In the world of marketing, the biggest advantage is to have a unique product. Whether it's a service or an actual hard good, being the only one to do something that's needed is pretty powerful stuff.

Today I met someone who has a truly unique product. Alan Hersh is with 360 Outdoor Lighting and he swung over to show how it works this morning. I want one of these!

The Prism Inflatable Light (PIL) was originally designed for the disaster relief industry, on location with folks like fire/rescue, Red Cross & such. However, it's brilliant (pun intended!) for anyone who does outdoor work or events. I can see these lighting up the pits at a NASCAR race or a play field full of kids in the evening. And all of my friends at radio stations; YOU WANT THIS with your station logo on the side!

Enough with the sales pitch (although I do suggest you check out 360OutdoorLighting.com and tell Alan you heard of this from me)

The point is that this is a unique product available from a unique company and when you're building brand equity, that's what you need. You're THE place to go for one particular product. I'd rather have a small but loyal following in a niche and completely dominate it!

You can do that too; all you need is a great product and a marketing message that really does Say Something Important!


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