Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bah... Cut the Holiday Cliches, PLEASE!

C'mon people...this should be horribly obvious, yet it happens this time every year. Some dork throws on a Santa hat & claims he's checked his list twice & he's passing the savings on to you.

No one believes it. Don't do it in your marketing. If you do, you'll look like a tool & alienate any potential client who uses their brain.

This rant holds true for every holiday. Don't be tempted by the cliche.

I grew up in Michigan and there is a very large furniture chain there who had a "Sale!" on EVERY holiday of any kind; New Years? Sale. 4th of July, a sale. Presidents' Day? Hell no, it became the Presidents' WEEK Sale! (WTF?!) Someone in a boardroom approved all of these ads & they spend MILLIONS to get that message out to the people... But what do we perceive about them? That they're the lowest common denominator of their industry.

How do YOU want to be perceived?

This Holiday season, Say Something Important, okay? Thanks.


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