Wednesday, September 12, 2007's not just for breakfast anymore

I'm having my business cards re-done. A whole new look from the current cards. I was with my friend Daria of DJ&L Promotions looking at options when we came across a website that caught my eye. Looked good. They had what I wanted.

Then I saw it. A type-o. Yep, they used "A" where they should have used "An."

Now, you know how much I preach "Perception" to you. And I stand by it. No matter how great their website may look, or even how great their products are, I'm not going to buy from them because I perceive them to be lacking in basic grammar.

Writing and editing copy is one of the services I do for my clients and certainly, I'd gladly do it for you, too. However, I'll give you some free advice today...

Listen to Grammar Girl!

She is a great character who does a podcast designed to help make sense of our vocabulary and give you tips to know when to use to, two or too. Just click on the logo and it'll take you to her page!

It truly amazes me to see how many times basic English is butchered in correspondence; printed, emails or otherwise.

Get better at it; you're being judged every day by prospective customers!


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