Sunday, September 09, 2007

Holy Schneikes...branding works!

I've lived in the metropolitan Charlotte, NC area for about a year & a half. I've been a watcher of local TV, a listener to local radio and a reluctant viewer of area billboards. No, I do not read the daily newspaper, however, I do browse the neighborhood weekly rag that comes to my mailbox.

Today, I became a customer because of a brilliant branding campaign. Here's the story:

I was working down in the garage; it's hot out, 90-some-odd-degrees...when I came inside, I didn't even realize it, but Mrs. Hammer says "The Air Conditioner is blowing hot air." Huh, it's 81 degrees inside (normally set at 75) and sure enough, the air coming from the vents is warm.

I look around to see if something is out of whack (as if I'd know or could actually fix it!). No such luck, the on switches are on, the air isn't cold. Time to call in the pros.

But WHO do I call?

This is where someone had to get to me BEFORE I needed them. They had to build my trust in their name simply by what they SAY to me. One company has done that: Morris Jenkins Heating & Cooling.

They have a great television campaign that certainly fits the elements of great branding: They have Frequency; they're always there on TV. They have Consistency; their jingle is catchy & I know the damn words even though I NEVER intended to learn them! And they Say Something Important to me: "You'll have cool air, in your house, tonight!" I want that!

When I called their number, the woman on the phone was friendly, upbeat and confident...exactly what I want to hear.

My window for service was 3-6pm. At 2:00 they called to say they'd even be here sooner. Oh, and this is on a Sunday!

They got my phone call because they advertised to me BEFORE I needed them. When it's time to use their service, they were the first I thought of and felt confident in. What are YOU doing to impact your potential customers BEFORE they need you?

Let's talk about it together, I can show you how to do this with your business.


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