Wednesday, May 13, 2009's a bad word...

Just this morning; a radio ad came on during my morning commute talking about the state of the economy & how they're offering you a "Mattress Bailout." My initial reaction was that they were witty trying to turn a negative into a positive...but now I'm not so sure.

The connotation of the term "Bailout" has gone pretty sour these days, what with CEOs accepting BILLIONS of our tax dollars to bailout their companies...just to come back 3 months later & ask for BILLIONS more...while they're still living the lavish life. Yeah, I'm thinking they could have listened to their PR department a bit closer before doing that.

So, I'm taking an official stand: while I'm a BIG fan of using hot-button words that get reactions & response from your may want to consider skipping "Bailout" unless you're sure it's not such a bad thing in your context.
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