Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Year In Review

Thinking about the year's success creates an upturn at the corners of my lips. Growth has been steady for sure: I look back to the Dentist I mentioned a few months ago: a home run for sure. There's the Financial Planners who called our process "the most professional" experience he's ever had.

But not all is perfect: there is the frustration of the Optometrist who said "Yes, Yes, Yes" to all that we showed him. We spent countless hours creating and producing a campaign based on his "Yes", just to have him shoot it all down at the end. At last check, he was yelling at you like a used car dealer claiming to have the "best quality at the lowest prices with the greatest customer service." His sales are flat.

2005 was the year we learned patience, perseverance and confidence in ourselves with first hand examples. And we're poised to make 2006 even better as we continue to help great companies make great advertising for themselves.

Best wishes for the new year and good luck to you!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

2005 has been fantastic in so many ways and now, we're looking forward to '06. Here's hoping that your year is exciting and profitable as well!

Best wishes,

John & the entire BigMouthAudio team!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

...if you can back it up!

BigMouthAudio's John Hammer was called in to voice a new corporate video for MRP Motorsport, a kart track & racing school with three locations between Michigan and Texas.

How's the project coming along? Check out the note from producer Michael Betz:

"Tom finished editing your track yesterday. After a couple of hours of editing, I’ll usually ask, “How’s it going?” and Tom will say something like, “It’s OK, but there were a couple of graphs we could have done better.” This time when I asked, he said, “It’s great. John had just the right delivery.” In Tom’s super-critical (and honest) world, that’s high praise.

Remember, BigMouthAudio is available for your projects too, just make contact: or call 269.806.8842.

It's time to book Pit Pass now!

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2006 marks the six year anniversary between BigMouthAudio's John Hammer and, the premiere online motorsports magazine. Hammer's the radio guy and motorsports commentator, while AR1 has insiders throughout the industry dishing out the juicy dirt as soon as it happens. Together, they offer you the opportunity to have Pit Pass on the air.

Each week, Hammer will call in to your show, talk about the latest on track action, look ahead to the next race and fire up the rumor machine that surrounds Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart & others...some of the biggest sports stars in the world!

Stations have had great success using Pit Pass as a sponsorship opportunity for local advertisers. Bundle it with a sales package. Offer it as value added for a top client. The options are up to you!

Pit Pass is offered as a market exclusive feature, so click the title above, listen to the demo and start making money today!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Bald Midget and the Furniture Store Owner's Daughter

This is a decent way to kill 5 minutes. Click the title and link over to an article that at once, makes fun of local advertising and at the same time, endorses it for what it is: the bread & butter of Creative in our country.

Now, our challenge is to make sure that you, Mr Business Owner, don't sound like the commercials the author is poking fun of.

Why You?

A simple question, with a very complex answer. It's incredible how many business owners look blankly back at you when you ask "Why should I shop you instead of your competitor?" Remember, your customers, or more accurately, your POTENTIAL customers, are only interested in what you can DO FOR THEM. If they can get essentially the same thing, for basically the same price somewhere else, then WHY YOU Mr Business Owner?

I'm currently working with several dentists and they're quickly making their market difficult for other dentists. One is positioning himself as the Family Dentist. Another is the Smile Specialist (focusing on cosmetic dentistry) and the third has actually copywritten the term "Nap Dentistry", he actually puts you in a sleepy state to do the work in your mouth: no more fear of the dentist when you sleep through it! But what's left in the mind of a dental consumer? There are dozens of dentists in the market, and just three of them now own real estate in customers' minds.

Bravo for them!

I'd hate to be one of the others when a potential customer comes to them and asks "Why you?"

Find a niche you can dominate...then DOMINATE it in the public's mind. You'll win. If you don't, someone else will.

Monday, December 05, 2005

She's not a Ho Ho Ho...honest!

This past Saturday was the Midwest Family Broadcast Group's annual Holiday Party. Great food, wonderful local wines and the company of some very nice people. What does this have to do with audio production? Nothing at all! However, as a public service, I'll remind you that these are still company functions. One of the DJs from the rock station brought his girlfriend. A very thin, tall & attractive girlfriend who was the apple of every man's eye. And after a few drinks, we got more than an eyeful!

Enjoy the holidays, but remember, you've got to work with these folks on Monday morning!
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