Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Microphone is your Friend!

This week, the National Association of Broadcasters is holding it's annual convention...and this year it's here in Charlotte. This is a big deal: all the major companies, LOTS of suits and plenty of "radio guys" are here...along with TV, internet and legislators.

It's hard to believe that I've been part of the broadcasting community for 22 years, but the grey hairs at my temples (and in my fashionably young goatee) give me away. I've always loved that action; the pressure to perform at a moment's notice; coordinating a cast of volatile characters and putting on a show that (to the casual listener) sounds completely off the cuff, while everyone involved knows how much work takes place.

Of course, it's been wonderful to take my experience gained through broadcasting and turn it around to help small businesses grow. It's that real world knowledge that has given rise to and the home runs we've had.

If you happen to be here in Charlotte for the NAB, drop me a line or give me a buzz on the phone. I'd gladly let you buy me lunch!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long Live the "Little Guy!"

I'm a big fan of Roy Williams' teachings & marketing philosophy.

Recently, he turned me on to the new book by Lee Iacocca, "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?"

In it, Mr. Iacocca says “When you stop to think about it, most of the great companies of our times began as upstarts – Little Davids taking on big Goliaths. When I first heard about Fred Smith, the guy who created Federal Express, I thought the idea was crazy. I remember thinking, He’s going to take on the post office? Today Federal Express does such a huge business that even the U.S. Postal Service hires it to move a billion dollars in packages every year.”

Dream BIG, my friends, dream BIG...and don't forget to have a strategy. If you need a hand with either, let me know. I'm here to lend a hand!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007's not just for breakfast anymore

I'm having my business cards re-done. A whole new look from the current cards. I was with my friend Daria of DJ&L Promotions looking at options when we came across a website that caught my eye. Looked good. They had what I wanted.

Then I saw it. A type-o. Yep, they used "A" where they should have used "An."

Now, you know how much I preach "Perception" to you. And I stand by it. No matter how great their website may look, or even how great their products are, I'm not going to buy from them because I perceive them to be lacking in basic grammar.

Writing and editing copy is one of the services I do for my clients and certainly, I'd gladly do it for you, too. However, I'll give you some free advice today...

Listen to Grammar Girl!

She is a great character who does a podcast designed to help make sense of our vocabulary and give you tips to know when to use to, two or too. Just click on the logo and it'll take you to her page!

It truly amazes me to see how many times basic English is butchered in correspondence; printed, emails or otherwise.

Get better at it; you're being judged every day by prospective customers!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Holy Schneikes...branding works!

I've lived in the metropolitan Charlotte, NC area for about a year & a half. I've been a watcher of local TV, a listener to local radio and a reluctant viewer of area billboards. No, I do not read the daily newspaper, however, I do browse the neighborhood weekly rag that comes to my mailbox.

Today, I became a customer because of a brilliant branding campaign. Here's the story:

I was working down in the garage; it's hot out, 90-some-odd-degrees...when I came inside, I didn't even realize it, but Mrs. Hammer says "The Air Conditioner is blowing hot air." Huh, it's 81 degrees inside (normally set at 75) and sure enough, the air coming from the vents is warm.

I look around to see if something is out of whack (as if I'd know or could actually fix it!). No such luck, the on switches are on, the air isn't cold. Time to call in the pros.

But WHO do I call?

This is where someone had to get to me BEFORE I needed them. They had to build my trust in their name simply by what they SAY to me. One company has done that: Morris Jenkins Heating & Cooling.

They have a great television campaign that certainly fits the elements of great branding: They have Frequency; they're always there on TV. They have Consistency; their jingle is catchy & I know the damn words even though I NEVER intended to learn them! And they Say Something Important to me: "You'll have cool air, in your house, tonight!" I want that!

When I called their number, the woman on the phone was friendly, upbeat and confident...exactly what I want to hear.

My window for service was 3-6pm. At 2:00 they called to say they'd even be here sooner. Oh, and this is on a Sunday!

They got my phone call because they advertised to me BEFORE I needed them. When it's time to use their service, they were the first I thought of and felt confident in. What are YOU doing to impact your potential customers BEFORE they need you?

Let's talk about it together, I can show you how to do this with your business.
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