Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pay It Forward

Last week I met an interesting character, we'll call him "Jeffery." He is on a mission to spread compliments.

He was asking me about people I've worked with who "get it right" and how rarely we truly thank them for doing a great job. His frustration is that he's been with programs where the executives are so isolated from the "front lines", that they simply don't understand the actual customer service their employees are doing. Oh, they may THINK they do, but the reality is something different.

He told me that it was just a week ago when he worked his way up the phone tree to actually speak with the man in charge of Pottery Barn...simply so he could tell him about his great customer service he received at a store in the midwest.

Obviously, Jeffery is a rare cat with his own internal motivations, but keep his idea in mind. We don't thank our workers nearly enough. We get so wrapped up running the business that we can't see what's happening right at the end of our noses.

Sometimes simply saying "thanks for what you do" is the best way to "Say Something Important!"
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