Sunday, November 25, 2007

You're Surrounded!

Take a look around you today. Who's there? If you've done the right things in business, you're surrounded by people who believe in the same things you do, who follow a similar mantra and who "buy in" to the same big picture. Its a focus like that which can bring your company to the top of your field.

Of course, no matter how hard you try, there's probably going to be one or two...but in the words of a good friend "You can't fix stupid." You just have to deal with those ones.

Back to the good ones; do all you can to have them near you. Give them freedom to do what they do best and listen to them when they have ideas (especially ones you may not agree with...they just may be onto something!).

Recently, I've found a few close folks who've re-energized me & the work I do. They've given me sound advice, shared success stories and encouraged me to find more people just like us.

I'm surrounded.

And it's a good thing :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The $19,000 Lesson

I was in Las Vegas on business recently. As things tend to go in Vegas, you use your credit card more than you use actual greenbacks.

Several weeks later, Mrs Hammer was going through my bank statement. Intermixed with stops to the Las Vegas Outback, the Imperial Buffet (three times) and Dick's Last Resort (twice...get the catfish!) was a money transfer of NINETEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Right there on my credit card. Poor Mrs Hammer just about lost her mind. I, slightly more calm, called Bank of America to let them know of the mistake.

The short version of the story is that it appears someone in Vegas kept my card numbers for themselves & decided to go shopping. I'm pleased that Bank of America agreed with my claim & they've cleared me of the debt. Now, their fraud department is going after the bad guy.

In any event, it's a scary thought that someone can simply acquire your numbers & some basic information then go to town on your dime.

Be careful out there; you never know who you can trust.
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